Mestre Iuri Santos moved to Indiana in 1998, where he founded a branch of Grupo Acupe in Bloomington, IN. Mestre Iuri also did open Grupo Do Acupe in Indianapolis in 2000, and later Evansville.

North Star Capoeira was founded in Bloomington, IN by Mestre Iuri Hart Santos in 2005.  Since then the group has expanded to Indianapolis and New Orleans.

The group primarily strives to preserve and spread the art of Capoeira Angola. Mestre Iuri teaches classes for people of all ages in which students learn the movements, music, and traditions of Capoeira Angola. 

Join us for training; your first session is free.  All ages are welcomed and encouraged, though if the participant is below the age of 6, we ask that they be accompanied by a parent or guardian.

We also offer performances and workshops for schools and at regional cultural events in order to help enrich our community. North Star aims to spread awareness of capoeira and its unique history in the world;  feel free to contact us about performances or workshops for your organization!

Salve Capoeira! 


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